Our cat's first litter is today one year old! At the top left, of course, our own girl, Evren (Queen of All Everything), next to us is Bijou (Aubergine of The Sun) known as Spark, below left is the former Legend of The Black Shawarma (Felix, now known as Kino). (Dance of The Cosmic Serpent). Handsome, beautiful and wonderful have all come. A lot of children see the features of their parents in the baby parts, Bijou, for example, looks very much like his mother on the face, Kino on his father. Evren has inherited his father's quirky way of playing alone while Felix "swears" in his mother's typical way of not getting her way. Yet they are, above all, their own unique individuals.
Happy birthday to the whole litter and a big thank you to our owners for giving them lovely, loving homes. ❤

Our cattery's first litter is one year old today! They have all grown up so beautiful and handsome. Top left is our beautiful girl Evren (Queen of Everything), top right is one of the boys, Bijou (Aubergine of the Sun), bottom left is Felix (Legend of the Black Shawarma) and bottom right is the other girl Movie ( Dance of The Cosmic Serpent). Happy birthday to our first litter and thank you so much to the owners who have given them such good and loving homes. ❤ #happybirthday #birthday #litter #turkishangora #turkishangoracat #tua #ta #Turkishangora #catsofinstagram #catstagram #blackandwhite #blackcat #whitecat #adeniumcattery #love #cats #happy #grateful